Admissions Services

Our expert team provide following services by maintaining high standard:

Assessing Application

UniGlobe Education will assess your application prior to submitting to any educational institute. Our team will pre-assess the application and suggest if any additional documents are required to meet the entry criteria.

Making Application

UniGlobe Educations’ team members are also happy to assist students to make application for further study at educational institute. We will provide required information and help you to understand the process of the application.


UniGlobe Education is working in partnership with different reputed institutes all over the world. We provide scholarships in line with our partners based on students’ previous academic result and future plan.

Visa Application

It is necessary for overseas students to get visa to study the desired programme. Students find it very difficult and confusing to make a visa application. Students often get confused with the required information on the visa application and supporting documents therefore it is necessary to get professional advice prior to making a visa application. Our experiences team member will be assist you with information required in visa application.

Ticket booking

UniGlobe Education always happy to book airline tickets for students which will be east and cheaper. We search for the cheaper and comfortable deal for students.

Airport Pick up

We understand it might be difficult to travel in a new country. UniGlobe Education will be able to organise airport pick up for student to their desired accommodation or educational airport.


It is very difficult to find safe accommodation in a new country. Therefore our expert team will be able to organise cheaper and safer plan for students. We always concentrate on your safety and comfort.

Bank Account

It is important to have a bank student at the country you are studying. Many banks offer different facilities. Our team will provide you information with different bank’s facilities and will suggest you the best student bank account based on your requirements.

GP Registration (UK Only)

Everyone has the right to be registered with a GP. It is free to see a doctor if you register with your local GP (as student paid NHS fees with visa application). You can then visit your local GP practice and complete a registration form. You will need proof of address and ID (passport) to register with GP. Our team can assist you to fill up the registration form and organise documents.